20 – 21 November 2024 | Southern Sun Cape Sun | Cape Town – South Africa

Why Exhibit?

Agriculture in Africa is currently facing infrastructural issues and low productivity; hence it is essential that African countries try to find ways of undertaking these current problems by implementing a broader economic transformation. It is also a necessity to apply new and advanced technology, innovative techniques and effective solutions which will take the growth of the African Agriculture to an improved status than it is now, and thus ensure that the growing demand for food is fairly met in all African countries.

Why Exhibit at the DEVAC Agrinvest SUMMIT?

  • Boost your Brand visibility and make an impact as an industry leader
  • Captivate the audience by showcasing your newest and innovative products
  • Present your projects and solidify your company’s status as a legitimate resource for industry solutions
  • Maintain a competitive edge in that African Agriculture industry and Keep an eye on your key competitors
  • Expand your customer base and your distributor network
  • Build Lasting Relationships within the Agriculture Industry in Africa